What to Do If You’re Accused
of Domestic Violence

Accusations of domestic violence can result in serious legal consequences. They can also impact your reputation, both personally and professionally. That’s why all accusations must be taken seriously, even if you believe they’re without merit. The following are a few vital steps you must take if you’re facing serious criminal charges.

Contact an Attorney Right Away

Remember, you have rights even when you’re being accused of a serious crime. An experienced attorney can help you understand your rights by reviewing the accusations against you. They can also help you take the necessary steps to prevent more serious consequences from occurring. Arrange an initial consultation as soon as possible to provide the attorney with important information.

Compile Any Evidence You Have

In the event you feel that the allegations you’re facing are false, try to find information that supports your claim. Text messages, emails, call logs, and other information can all work in your favor. If possible, ask the people in your life if they’re willing to speak to your character via a written statement. Your attorney can guide you on the sort of information that will benefit your case and help you make sense of the accusations against you.

Reduce Exposure to the Accuser

This step is extremely important if you have a restraining order against you. Violating that order will cause more legal trouble and make the accusations against you appear legitimate. However, you should still limit contact with the accuser while the investigation is ongoing, even if no restraining order is in place. You don’t want innocent interactions to be taken out of context. If you share children with the person and must interact with one another, keep all meetings brief and focused on child-rearing.

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