Federal Drug Charges in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Drug charges are widely prosecuted in both state and federal courts in New Mexico. If you were arrested on drug charges in Las Vegas, NM, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer at your side to fight the charges against you. You may have been arrested on drug possession charges or trafficking, but that doesn’t mean you will be convicted.

Are you facing drug charges in Las Vegas, NM? Call my office at 505.247.2417 to discuss your case.

Defense Attorney in Las Vegas, NM

I am Angela Arellanes and I have more than 25 years of experience defending clients against drug charges in New Mexico. I will protect your Constitutional rights as I exploit the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and begin negotiations to eliminate or minimize the consequences of the drug charges against you.

State & Federal Drug Charges

I assist clients who face state and/or criminal drug charges in Las Vegas, NM. Each case I work with has its own unique circumstances, including your own. The potential consequences of your case may vary widely, from probation to jail time, depending on the schedule and quantity of the drugs, as well as your prior record.

Drug trafficking, drug manufacturing and drug possession charges can have a serious impact on your life. As a criminal defense attorney, I will protect your Constitutional rights. Violations in police procedure during the arrest, issues regarding the chain of custody of evidence and violations of your Constitutional rights during search and seizure are all areas that I will examine as I prepare your defense.

Aggressive Las Vegas Federal Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

As a criminal defense lawyer with years of experience defending clients against drug trafficking and drug possession charges, I have a thorough understanding of state and federal drug laws and how they affect your case. If you are facing misdemeanor or federal felony drug charges, call my office at 505.247.2417 or contact me online to schedule a meeting.

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