How Much Alcohol Does
It Take to Get Drunk?

Very few people plan on getting behind the wheel while inebriated. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence when you’re not mindful of how much you’re drinking in one evening. Every alcoholic beverage elevates your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) a little further, which affects your ability to drive. Here’s what every driver must know to avoid getting a DWI after a night out with friends.

A Guide to Standard Drink Sizes

Understanding standard drink sizes is important for determining how alcohol affects your BAC. Here’s how a few popular types of alcohol are served:

  • Liquor or Distilled Spirits – 1.5 ounces (AKA a shot)
  • Beer – 12 ounces
  • Wine – 5 ounces
  • Malt Liquor – 8 ounces

The above measurements are equal to 0.6 ounces of pure alcohol. Serving sizes vary because different types of alcohol have different percentages of alcohol content, with some being more potent than others. If you’re drinking beyond the standard size, you’ll become inebriated at a much faster rate, even though you’re having fewer drinks.

How the Number of Drinks Impacts Your BAC

Now that you have a good understanding of what constitutes a standard drink, the next step is to determine how many drinks it takes to get to the legal limit:

  • Two Drinks (.02% BAC) – Just two alcoholic beverages can affect your multi-tasking ability and visual tracking, both of which are crucial to safe driving.
  • Three Drinks (.05% BAC) – By three drinks, your coordination will be affected. That can mean problems steering and a reduced response time.
  • Four Drinks (.08% BAC) – You’re now at the legal limit, which means you will be arrested if pulled over. As for driving, expect loss of short-term memory, problems with perception, and an inability to process information efficiently.
  • Five Drinks (.10% BAC) – Reaction time will have significantly decreased, and you’ll experience problems with cognition. You will also be unable to maintain your position within lanes or brake effectively.

The effects continue as your BAC elevates. By .15% BAC, you may also experience significant inebriation, vomiting, and greatly diminished muscle control.

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