What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

Being accused of a crime can be very intimidating. That’s why securing experienced legal counsel is so crucial. A criminal defense lawyer provides essential support throughout the process, from reviewing evidence to participating in the trial. Here’s what you can expect.


The attorney will sit down with their client to get more information on the case. It’s crucial that the client is totally forthcoming about the facts, as this allows their legal team to establish a strong defense. The interview also provides the client an opportunity to ask questions about the charges against them, as well as possible legal strategies.


The attorney will also make further investigation into what occurred by speaking with police and any witnesses available. This can include expert witnesses, who are professionals that will provide insight into technical or medical matters. Evaluation of evidence will also take place, which can involve testing and analysis.

Jury Selection

Defense attorneys take great care to select appropriate jurors for the trial. The goal is to find people who will review the facts of the case without bias. Accordingly, the attorney may request that certain jurors are removed if they appear to be prejudiced about some aspect of the case.


Plea bargaining entails negotiations with the prosecutor to arrive at a compromise regarding the client. For instance, the attorney may be able to get charges reduced, as well as secure a lighter sentence when it comes to jail time and other penalties.


Should a trial take place, the attorney will argue on behalf of the defendant and highlight any evidence that proves their argument. They will present witnesses that support their case, while also cross-examining witnesses for the prosecution.


Sentencing involves determining an appropriate punishment for the crime. Defense attorneys will argue for a lesser sentence based on the facts of the case or argue that another punishment should be used in lieu of jail time.

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