Albuquerque Criminal Defense Attorney

criminal defense courtroomFacing criminal charges is a serious matter that requires the attention of an experienced criminal defense attorney. You may have been arrested for a misdemeanor crime such as drug possession, or be facing a serious felony crime, like drug trafficking or murder. When your future is in the balance, hiring the top defense attorney in Albuquerque may be your only hope.

About Angela Arellanes

As a criminal defense attorney, I am committed to excellence. My clients expect the best, and that is exactly what I provide. When futures and finances are on the line, I use my lengthy experience as a criminal defense attorney to deliver favorable outcomes for my clients.

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Why Hire an Albuquerque Criminal Defense Attorney?

I understand how much is at stake when my clients face criminal charges, or are being investigated by Albuquerque police. If you are being investigated for a crime, contact me right away. By getting a criminal defense lawyer involved in the investigative part of the process, we may be able to take preventative measures that have the charges lessened or dropped altogether.

I also provide aggressive trial defense needed in order to seek the best possible results for my clients. I thoroughly evaluate you case from every angle, developing a personalized approach that gives you a larger advantage in defending yourself against the charges. This could mean the difference between freedom and jail time; being financially sound or paying excessive fines.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer of ABQ, NM

Whatever your crime, there is no question that hiring a criminal defense lawyer will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. No matter how serious the accusation, you have the right to hire a criminal defense lawyer if you were taken into custody by law enforcement.

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