Juvenile Offender Penalties Albuquerque, NM

As a parent, you want to assist your child when they’re faced with obstacles and adversity. However, if your child is facing juvenile criminal charges, there is little you can do on your own.

You can find reliable legal assistance to address the matter, however, which is exactly what Angela Arellanes Law provides to young clients. I’m Angela Arellanes and I have more than two decades of legal experience, which allows me to address a variety of criminal offenses. I also have the compassion and kindness needed to assist young offenders, which can make the situation a little less stressful for all involved.

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What Are the Possible Penalties for Juvenile Offenders?

While penalties vary according to the details of the case, juvenile offenders may be subject to the following if found guilty:

  • Probation with Conditions – Common probation conditions include family counseling, restitution (such as repaying a store owner for a stolen item), participating in a community program, and periodic evaluation.
  • Time Waiver – Upon the completion of applicable conditions, minors may have their case dismissed if they avoid legal trouble for a period of six months.
  • Judgement/Probation – This penalty requires the offender to be supervised by a probation officer for a certain time period. The probation period can last one year or until the offender reaches the age of 21.
  • Judgement/Incarceration – Very serious charges can result in incarceration, either in a local detention center or a state correctional facility designed for juveniles.

How Can a Juvenile Crime Attorney Help with Penalties?

Even seemingly minimal penalties can alter a minor’s life for years to come. Fortunately, an attorney experienced in juvenile defense can develop a solid defense strategy on behalf of young clients. If it’s a first offense, your attorney may be able to obtain leniency from the court. As for more serious offenses, the lawyer can strive to get charges reduced, such as by avoiding incarceration in favor of probation or even time waiver.

As an experienced juvenile defense attorney, it’s my duty to fight for the rights of my clients, no matter what they’re up against. I’m particularly passionate about defending the rights of minors, as I don’t believe youthful indiscretion should go on to impact a person’s life for years to come.

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