Albuquerque Assault and Battery Lawyer

Assault and battery covers a wide range of violent criminal acts in New Mexico. Whether your charge is a misdemeanor or felony, an assault conviction can result in serious penalties, including incarceration and fines.

My name is Angela Arellanes and I have been an assault and battery lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico for more than 25 years. Contact me right away if you were accused of assault or battery so we can begin constructing your defense.

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Albuquerque Assault & Battery Criminal Defense

Assault is imminent, harmful or offensive contact, while battery is defined as the harmful or offensive touching of another. Assault and battery may be charged separately or together—typically when police accuse a defendant of battery, an assault charge follows.

As a criminal defense attorney in Albuquerque, I know that the key to winning an assault case is to find and interview witnesses. Often, witnesses contradict the individual claiming to be the victim of an assault, and this information can help us support your defense.

We will use our findings to petition for the assault and/or battery charges in your case dismissed. If attending court is still necessary, we will use the evidence to work toward a non-guilty verdict at trial. We may also negotiate with the prosecutor for an acceptable plea bargain, something I have done with success as an criminal defense lawyer for nearly three decades.

ABQ, NM Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon are interchangeable. As an assault and battery lawyer, I have substantial experience defending the accused in cases ranging involving felonious assault, aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon.

No matter what type of assault charge you face, one thing remains certain: it’s important to retain a aggravated assault lawyer to help protect you from excessive incarceration and fines.

Albuquerque Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you are facing assault, battery, domestic violence or aggravated assault charges, I can help with effective, experienced defense. Contact me to schedule a consultation to discuss your case in Albuquerque, NM.

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