DUI Conviction

Few people imagine they’ll be arrested for DUI in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, this is an increasingly common occurrence in Albuquerque, and even having a seemingly small amount to drink can lead to a DUI conviction if you’re caught driving.

Where can you turn for legal support when dealing with drunk driving charges? My firm Angela Arellanes Law recognizes even good, law-abiding people can find themselves in police custody as a result of DUI. Additionally, over the course of 25 years practicing law in Albuquerque, I’ve defended numerous clients whose arrests were not conducted properly.

Legal Consequences of a DUI Conviction

Penalties for drunk driving are typically harsh, since law enforcement hopes they act as a deterrent to others. If convicted, you may be subject to jail time, and jail terms vary depending on the situation surrounding your arrest. For all 2nd and subsequent offenses, mandatory jail terms apply. Your license will be revoked for a period of six months or longer, with a mandatory ignition interlock device required once your license is reinstated.

In terms of fines, 1st offenses are punishable by fines of up to $500. However, 2nd offenses are punishable by a mandatory $500, while mandatory fines for 3rd offenses equal $750. You’ll also be required to complete so many hours of community service, as well as attend substance abuse treatment programs.

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Professional and Personal Consequences of a DUI Conviction

The effects of criminal convictions don’t end just because you’ve satisfied your jail term and paid your fines. People with criminal backgrounds often find it more difficult to secure gainful employment. While unfair, some employers are less likely to hire a person with a criminal record, especially in certain industries. The same biases exist when seeking housing or applying for a loan.

When it comes to your auto insurance rates, be prepared for an increase after your conviction. You may also need a certificate of financial responsibility, which not all insurance companies provide since it’s for high-risk drivers. As a result, you may lose your existing insurance policy and be forced to seek other coverage.

How to Lessen the Potential Effects of DUI

As your attorney, I’ll review all the relevant facts surrounding your case to determine whether your rights were violated. I can also work diligently to have the charges against you reduced when possible. Through these actions, you’ll be able to satisfy legal obligations and get back to your life.

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