Drunk Driving Arrest

Being arrested for drunk driving is the first step in a long, tedious legal process. During each step, law enforcement must conduct themselves appropriately. They must also ensure your civil rights remain intact, or their case against you could be in jeopardy.

Through my firm Angela Arellanes Law, I’ve protected the civil rights of citizens throughout Albuquerque. I take rights violations during DUI arrests very seriously, and I’ll use every legal tool at my disposal to ensure those who violated your rights are held responsible for their wrongdoing.

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How to Identify Possible Rights Violations During an Arrest

Arrests are intimidating and confusing. That’s why it’s often hard for people to identify misconduct when it’s happening, especially during drunk driving arrests. If you have concerns, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Did the officer have a reason to stop you? In order for an officer to stop a person, the officer must have reasonable suspicion that a law is being violated.
  • Was I treated humanely? Being accused of a crime doesn’t give police the right to mistreat you. Being beaten, being denied food and water, and being subject to “cruel and unusual” conditions are all rights violations. 
  • Was I held without being charged with a crime? Your criminal charges should be made evident within a certain time period after your arrest. If the police detain you past that period of time without formally charging you, it is a violation of your rights.

What to Do If You Feel Your Rights Have Been Violated

Even if you’re guilty of the drunk driving charge, you do have legal recourse for any rights violations that occurred during the time. Take note of the officers’ names and badge numbers if possible, so this information can be conveyed to your legal team. You should also refrain from providing information to police, even when coerced, and instead reiterate your right to remain silent and your desire for an attorney.

By contacting my firm, you’re allowing me to review your case to look for any potential wrongdoing. I have more than 25 years of experience in the field of criminal law, and during that time I’ve identified many instances of police mistreatment.

I’m on your side when you’re facing serious legal consequences, such as jail time. Call 505.247.2417 today for more information or to schedule a consultation so we can get to the bottom of your DUI arrest.