Criminal Prosecution

Being arrested is a daunting experience. From the moment you’re cuffed and taken to the police station you will have so many questions and concerns about what’s happening. Getting the proper answers to these questions is a must to ensure your rights are respected throughout the process.

My firm Angela Arellanes Law has spent the last 25 years helping Albuquerque residents face down tough criminal charges. As your attorney, I vow to aggressively defend your rights and make sure you understand the criminal prosecution process at every step of the way.

What Happens After an Arrest?

Being arrested for a crime is only the start. After you’re arraigned, which is where the charges against you are read and you’re allowed to enter a plea, the following will occur:

  • The arrest report is provided to the prosecutor. The arrest report contains all pertinent details surrounding your arrest, and the prosecutor uses these details to decide whether a complaint should be filed. The prosecutor can also refer the case to a grand jury, who will then decide whether charges should be filed, and if so which charges.
  • A preliminary hearing is held. Preliminary hearings are similar to trials, but their sole purpose is for the prosecution to show there’s enough evidence against a defendant to hold a trial. From here, the case may proceed trial, it may be dismissed, or charges may be reduced.
  • The trial is scheduled. The trial can sometimes be held immediately after the preliminary hearing. In other cases, the trial will be scheduled for a later date, at which point all parties will reconvene. If the defendant is currently free on bail, they will likely remain free until the trial. However, if the defendant is currently jailed and their request for bail has been denied, they will remain incarcerated.

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How Can an Attorney Help During This Process?

Skilled legal assistance will benefit you through each step of the criminal prosecution process. It may be possible to get the charges dropped or the case dismissed, depending on the circumstances. It may also be possible to enter a plea bargain to have the charges reduced, which will also reduce the sentence you’re facing. I’ve helped many clients achieve these favorable outcomes and I’m ready to provide the same assistance to you.

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