Drug Crimes/Charges Laws Albuquerque, NM

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Types of Drug Crimes in New Mexico

Drug-related crimes can involve many different situations and scenarios, including:

  • Illegal use/possession of controlled substances
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug sales

Illegal use and possession occur when a person has an illicit substance on their person or possesses or uses a controlled substance without the proper documentation (such as having a prescription drug that was prescribed to another party).

As for drug trafficking, this crime involves the transportation of controlled substances, usually in very large quantities. The sale of drugs involves dispersing drugs to other parties in exchange for monetary compensation.

Possible Penalties for Different Types of Drug Crimes

The punishments for drug crimes vary according to the type of substance. Drugs are categorized in different schedules, with schedule I drugs carrying the stiffest penalties, while schedule V drugs carry the lowest penalties. This is because schedule I drugs are considered to have a high abuse and dependence potential, which means they’re associated with the greatest level of societal harm.

Penalties can also depend on the amount of the drug you have on your person. Drug trafficking and sales also incur higher penalties than just possession and use, as these crimes are associated with larger amounts of the drug in most cases. All those convicted of drug crimes can face:

  • Jail/Prison Terms
  • Fines
  • Probation

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Assist You

In the event that there was an issue during your rest that possibly infringed upon your rights, your criminal defense lawyer can highlight it in court. This could potentially result in the charges against you getting dismissed, depending on how your rights were violated.

In other instances, an attorney can have the charges against you decreased. That could mean a reduced jail term and lower fines, which means you can deal with legal penalties effectively and move forward with your life.

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