Drunk Driving

A fun night out will quickly turn into a disaster if you’re arrested for drunk driving. This is a very serious offense, one that carries a wide range of penalties, including jail time. You’ll also be subject to fines, license suspension, probation, and more if convicted.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, I can help. My name is Angela Arellanes, and my firm Angela Arellanes Law develops solid legal solutions for people facing drunk driving charges. Whether you believe there was misconduct during your arrest or the circumstances surrounding your case are more complex than they appear, I’ll perform a thorough review to build your legal strategy.

How Can I Avoid Drunk Driving?

The best way to avoid a drunk driving charge is to prevent an incident altogether. Keep in mind that each alcoholic beverage you consume increase your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Even just four drinks could be enough to reach the legal limit of .08%.

That’s why avoiding drunk driving is always crucial. If you plan on drinking, be sure to designate a driver whose responsibility it will be to stay sober the entire evening. You can also arrange for a taxi or rideshare service, so you can rest assured of safe, reliable transportation at the end of the night.

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Can I Sleep It Off in My Vehicle If I’m Too Drunk to Drive?

While it seems like the responsible thing to do, sleeping in your vehicle while drunk can also lead to a DUI charge. In New Mexico, a person can be charged with drunk driving if they are in “actual physical control” of a vehicle. Being asleep in a vehicle with the keys in the ignition, or even nearby, can constitute actual physical control.

If you’re too drunk to drive, the best course of action is to spend the night if you’re at a friend’s house. You can also arrange another ride and leave your vehicle where it is until it can be safely picked up the next day.

What Can I Do If I’m Charged with DUI in Albuquerque?

Regardless of how much you had to drink or the circumstances surrounding your case, it’s crucial to have legal guidance. As your attorney, I can inform you of your rights to determine whether they’ve been violated. I’ll also thoroughly review the evidence against you to look for weaknesses. Through my actions, your best interests will be preserved.

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