Federal Drug Crime Lawyer in Albuquerque

Federal drug laws are typically harsher than New Mexico state drug laws. If you were accused of a federal drug crime, time is of the essence. It’s crucial to hire a federal criminal defense attorney immediately after your arrest to prevent serious jail time and/or excessive fines.

My name is Angela Arellanes. As a federal criminal defense attorney, I have provided the accused with experienced, honest and committed federal legal defense for more than 25 years in and near Albuquerque.

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Albuquerque Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

My experience as a federal drug crime lawyer typically involves cases of felony drug trafficking, and I have experience handling all types of federal drug charge cases in Albuquerque, NM, including:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug cultivation
  • Drug smuggling
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Drug distribution

The penalty for federal drug charges varies depending on the type of drug and the amount. I have handled cases involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, prescription drugs and methamphetamines as a federal drug crime lawyer, assisting clients in lessening the impact serious charges have on their lives.

Albuquerque Federal Crime Defense Law Firm

Whether you face charges for a misdemeanor or federal crime, an Albuquerque criminal defense lawyer can help you reduce or eliminate the charges against you. Beginning with the pretrial, we will attempt to have the charges dropped and attempt to eliminate any evidence that is damaging to your defense.

If necessary, I will aggressively defend your interests in court, working to prove that the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. As a federal crime defense lawyer, I also have the negotiation skills to work out a plea agreement that minimizes damaging penalties in your case.

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