Albuquerque Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

I have two goals in domestic violence cases: first, to work to get your charges dismissed, and second, to lessen your charges to keep a potential conviction off your criminal record. With over 25 years of experience defending clients charged with domestic violence or assault and battery, I know these cases well. I know how to work on my clients’ behalf to obtain an outcome that is in their best interests.

I also defend clients’ civil litigation in cases where the other party is seeking an injunction, such as a permanent or temporary restraining order. These injunctions can greatly limit your personal freedom, and can lead to criminal charges if you are found to be in violation. I will work on your behalf to protect your rights in these cases.

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Protecting Your Rights in NM Domestic Violence Cases

A domestic violence conviction can cast a stain on your criminal record like few other charges. Everything, from your ability to see your children, to your right to carry a firearm, to your job, could be at risk. For people who work for the government or at a military base, a conviction could result in the loss of security clearance.

Bernalillo County Restraining Order Attorney

I am criminal defense attorney Angela Arellanes. I understand the serious implications of domestic violence charges. That is why I work closely with my clients to get the whole story behind their charges and to defend their rights throughout the legal process.

Protecting You Against Domestic Violence Charges in Albuquerque

If you have been charged with domestic violence or are facing a temporary or permanent restraining order in civil litigation, you have the right to a dedicated and effective criminal legal defense. Contact me to schedule a meeting to discuss your charges.

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