DUI Charges

Being charged with a DUI requires dependable legal guidance. After all, your freedom could be on the line if the charges against you are serious. In Albuquerque, my firm Angela Arellanes Law has been instrumental in protecting the rights of people accused of driving under the influence.

From your initial arrest to your trial, many legal processes will play out. I’ll be there to help you successfully navigate legal proceedings each step of the way, so you have the greatest chance of a favorable outcome. I also make sure my clients understand what’s happening during their cases, so they remain fully prepared.

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What Happens After You’re Charged With a DUI?

After you’re arrested, you’ll be taken to a local police station and booked. You’ll be held there for a short period of time, usually just over night or until Monday morning if you’re arrested over the weekend.

If bail is set, you’ll need to post it yourself or have a bond agent post it on your behalf, which amounts to 10% of the total bail amount. Most people arrested for DUI are released on their own recognizance, however. From your release, you can expect:

  • Arraignment – This will be the first time you’re presented with the charges against you, as well the prosecution’s evidence. This includes the police report from your arrest, witness statements, and other info. After hearing the charges, you’ll be allowed to enter a plea.
  • Plea Bargain –It may be possible to have a drunk driving charge reduced by agreeing to plead guilty to a lesser charge, such as reckless driving. A lesser charge will also reduce the sentence you’re facing.
  • Trial – While DUI cases don’t often go to trial, it may be worth it if there are extenuating circumstances surrounding your arrest. For example, if there was police misconduct, your attorney may be able to get the charges completely dismissed.

How Soon Should I Speak to a Lawyer?

Decisions must be made quickly after you’re charged with a DUI. As your attorney, I will meticulously review your case for any inconsistencies, including misconduct during your arrest. From there, I’ll develop a reliable legal strategy using more than 25 years of experience.

The sooner we discuss your case, the better. Call 505.247.2417 to schedule a consultation at my Albuquerque law firm. If you’d like more information about my services and qualifications, please contact me today.