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In the state of New Mexico, juvenile crimes are treated differently than those committed by adults. Juvenile crimes are handled differently from state to state and in New Mexico, persons under the age of 18 years old are required to have legal representation. Juveniles are not permitted to represent themselves in court, they must obtain an attorney. Most juvenile cases are tried in a juvenile court rather than in the court systems that exist for adults.

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Only when a serious crime has been committed could a person under the age of 18 be tried as an adult. If your child or a juvenile you know has been accused of committing a crime, it is important that you contact an attorney experienced New Mexico juvenile crimes immediately. Because of the special laws and issues surrounding juvenile crimes, criminal defense for a minor can be complex. You want to obtain an attorney that specializes in juvenile law and that can represent you or your child properly in order to obtain the best outcome possible.

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A Committed Juvenile Defense Attorney in Albuquerque

Whether it’s a DWI, homicide, property crime, or drug related crime, I am prepared to fight on your behalf to ensure that your rights are preserved and will thoroughly investigate your case in order to provide you with the strongest representation possible. I am committed to criminal defense and am a member of the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association.

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Angela Arellanes Law has over 25 years of experience in providing aggressive legal services on the behalf of juveniles accused of criminal offenses. I am a member of the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association and am committed to obtaining the most favorable outcomes possible and will fight for your innocence. If you or someone you know who is under the age of 18 has been accused of committing a serious criminal offense, contact me to schedule an initial appointment today.

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