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When spending a night out with friends, getting arrested for DUI is probably the last thing on your mind. However, even drinking a minimum amount of alcohol can put you over the legal limit, especially if you’re under the age of 21.

My name is Angela Arellanes. Through my firm Angela Arellanes Law, I’ve provided legal help to a variety of people throughout Albuquerque over the last 25 years. I’ve also seen the damage a DUI conviction can do first-hand. That’s why I’m dedicated to protecting and preserving the rights of my clients through solid legal defense, no matter what charges they’re up against.

How Is Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Determined?

The more drinks you consume during the night, the higher your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will be. This is based on standard drink sizes, which change according to the potency of the alcohol being consumed.

For instance, a person drinking beer with 5% alcohol content can have 12-ounces and consider it one drink. However, a person drinking 80-proof liquor with 40% alcohol content can only drink 1.5 ounces and consider it a standard drink.

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How Many Drinks Does It Take to Be Over the Legal Limit?

Alcohol affects all people different. Men and women experience differing effects, while people who are heavier or lighter might not be at the same level of drunkenness after the same amount of drinks.

There are some general rules that can help you determine how many drinks it takes to be at or over the legal limit. Keep in mind that the general legal limit for driving is .08% BAC, but if you’re under the age of 21 you can be cited for DUI with a BAC of .02%:

  • Two Standard Drinks – Just two drinks raise your BAC to .02%. At this point, you’ll experience changes in mood, problems with visual function, and loss of judgment.
  • Four Standard Drinks – By four drinks, your BAC will be .08%. Decreased coordination, perception impairment, and diminished reaction time are all likely at this point. 
  • Seven Standard Drinks – Seven drinks cause most people to become severely inebriated. With a BAC of .15%, you’ll experience a significant loss of balance, an inability to control your vehicle, and problems processing information.

I’m Here to Help You Through This Tough Time

Being charged with DUI doesn’t make you a bad person. It does require a solid legal defense, however, one that I’m more than equipped to provide. In addition to more than two decades of experience, I’m also a member of the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and I’ve litigated on behalf of numerous clients facing both misdemeanor and felony DUI charges.

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