New Mexico Drunk Driving Charges

Being charged with drunk driving is no laughing matter. Your future could be at stake depending on the details surrounding your arrest. You could also be heavily financially impacted thanks to the fines and other costs associated with a DUI conviction.

Where can you turn to in Albuquerque when faced with these serious consequences? I’m Angela Arellanes, and over the last 25 years my firm Angela Arellanes Law has helped so many people get their lives back after DUI charges were made. I ensure my clients have a clear understanding of the charges against them, which allows me to develop the best legal defense strategy possible.

Standard Drunk Driving Charges

The seriousness of the drunk driving charges against you depends on how many prior offenses you have on your record. That doesn’t mean 1st offenses are not serious, as jail time and expensive fines are definitely a possibility in this case. However, upon 2nd and subsequent charges, penalties only get harsher and more life-altering.

License suspension periods, which range from six months to a lifetime ban on driving, make it difficult for you to hold gainful employment, since you’ll be without reliable transportation. You’ll be obligated to have a breath testing device installed on all vehicles you drive. You’ll also be responsible for the cost of installing and maintaining all devices.

Probationary periods are also common after being charged with drunk driving, as is community service, alcohol screenings, drug treatment, and more. While these penalties are designed to act as a deterrent against future wrongdoing, they can also get in the way of leading a fulfilling and successful life.

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Aggravated Drunk Driving Charges

Some DUI charges entail stricter penalties. For instance, if any of the following occur during your arrest:

  • Your blood alcohol content is .16% or higher
  • You cause bodily injury to another person while driving drunk
  • You refuse breathalyzer testing when requested by law enforcement

You will be subject to an aggravated drunk driving charge. Aggravated charges increase the amount of jail time you’ll face if convicted. This increase ranges from two to sixty days, depending on how many aggravated DUI convictions you have on your record.

What You Can Do After Being Charged with Drunk Driving

The sooner you contact my firm, the quicker I can begin building a solid defense on your behalf. With my assistance, you can strive towards the best possible legal outcome, which includes having the charges against you reduced.

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