Defending Against Criminal Fraud Charges

While it’s often considered less serious than other types of wrongdoing, fraud still carries a range of stiff penalties, which may include prison time and fines. You may also lose your livelihood if your reputation is tarnished, as well as face challenges when securing new housing or employment.

To defend against fraud charges, you need a dedicated criminal defense attorney who has the right experience. Here at Angela Arellanes Law, I also pledge to investigate your case thoroughly in order to build a strong defense.

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The Consequences of Fraud Convictions

Criminal penalties vary according to the type of crime committed. The amount of money involved can also increase the severity of the fraud charges against you. This can result in the following punishments:

  • A maximum one-year jail sentence for a misdemeanor
  • A maximum 18-month prison term for a 4th degree felony
  • A maximum three-year prison term for a 3rd degree felony
  • A maximum nine-year prison term for a 2nd degree felony

Fines can also play a role in sentencing, and most people are required to pay restitution to the victim of fraud. Federal charges tend to be even more severe, which longer prison terms and larger fines.

You Can Expect a Full Defense Against Criminal Charges

I consider preserving your freedom a crucial part of my job as your criminal defense attorney. At my Albuquerque law firm, we work very hard to minimize all consequences of fraud charges, no matter what you’re up against. As I investigate your case to build a strong defense to reduce or eliminate charges, my law firm staff will also be working hard to keep your case out of the press.

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