Albuquerque Vehicular Homicide Defense Attorney

In any homicide case, it is important to seek representation from an experienced homicide attorney immediately. Vehicular homicide charges are often connected to DUI, reckless driving or speeding, and carry stiff penalties in New Mexico.

I am homicide attorney Angela Arellanes, and I have provided vehicular homicide defense to clients in Albuquerque, New Mexico for more than 25 years.

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Albuquerque Vehicular Homicide Charges

If you were arrested for drunk driving and were involved in a fatal accident, you will be charged with vehicular homicide as a third-degree felony in New Mexico. If the victim survives the accident, you may be charged with great bodily harm by vehicle, also a third-degree felony.

ABQ, NM Vehicular Homicide Legal Representation

Vehicular homicide charges are serious, but do not let the courts intimidate you. Vehicular homicide charges are hardly “open and shut” cases, and you are innocent until proven guilty. Weather, road conditions, causation, other drivers and the vehicle involved are all important factors in determining guilt or innocence.

It’s important to hire a homicide defense attorney to represent your interests. Your freedom and rights can be impacted with a vehicular homicide conviction. Having a felony on your record could affect your education and restitution to the victim could have a negative impact on your financial future.

ABQ Homicide Defense Attorney

Let me, Angela Arellanes, help you fight for your rights. As a homicide attorney and criminal defense attorney, I represent clients for all types of criminal offenses in New Mexico. Contact me to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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