How to Avoid Drunk Driving Over the Holiday Season

The holiday season will be here before you know it, which means lots of celebrations with friends and family. Holiday festivities also feature alcohol, so partygoers must be cautious about how much they consume. One drink too many and you’ll find yourself faced with major legal issues, as well as costs related to property damage and medical bills for serious injuries. Here are a few effective methods to help you avoid drunk driving incidents.

Designate a Driver Among Your Friends

A designated driver is a person who abstains from drinking to ensure that the rest of their friends can get home safely. When designating a driver, it’s essential to choose a responsible person who is willing to avoid alcohol for the entire evening. Even just one or two drinks can affect driving ability and put others at risk. To make things fair, switch designated driver duties between your group of friends to ensure everyone can have a good time.

Arrange to Stay Over When
Going to Parties

If you’re going to a party at someone’s home, ask if you can stay over that night. This is a good option for family and close friends, who definitely won’t want you to put yourself at risk. If you’re traveling out of town, you can also consider getting a hotel room or Air BnB within walking distance of the festivities. You can even make a little holiday excursion out of it, while also knowing that you’ll remain safe and secure.

Use a Ride Share Service When You Know You’ll Be Drinking

Ride shares are excellent for a night out. They’re affordable, easily accessible, and usually available late into the night. If you’re going out with a large group of friends, you can even split the costs between you to make it a fun and inexpensive evening. In some cases, you can also arrange for a ride well in advanced, which ensures you can find your way home when the evening draws to a close.

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